Living in an Old Castle with Art Students: Maya's Story


Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? For Maya, an art student, this dream became a reality when she moved into a historic, old castle with four other art students, forming a unique and creative community. In this interview, Maya shares her experiences, challenges, and the inspirations she's found living in this extraordinary setting.

Can you please introduce yourself?

"I am Maya, I'm an art student, and I am giving courses at a creative school for kids. I've been living here for about a year."

How did you become a Monoma?

"Someone that I know told me that he lives in a castle. I could hardly believe him aI wanted to see it for myself. Afterwards it was obvious to me that I wanted to live here and be part of the community."

Before living at Monoma, Maya was used to living on her own, which is quite different from sharing a home with four other individuals. She describes the experience as both easy and challenging: "Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it’s tough. We are all art students with strong personalities. Living on your own or with your family is completely different to living in a group of strangers and integrating yourself into the group dynamic. It takes some time and patience to get known to each other."

However, the magic that happens when they work together is a significant advantage of this community.

One memorable example of their creative collaboration was their Halloween makeover. Together, they crafted a Michael Jackson lookalike doll and hung it out of the window, turning their living space into a spooky madhouse. When an unsuspecting Monoma inspector arrived, their artistic transformation left him utterly shocked. He believed this was their new permanent interior design. After explaining it was an art project, he delightedly explored their horror-themed house.

Living in Monoma is unlike a regular rental arrangement. There are frequent inspections, which some might find daunting. How do you cope with the differences towards a regular rental contract?

"I do not mind the inspections. Automatically you are becoming tidier because of the inspections, so that’s a nice side effect. The short period of termination does not make me nervous. Sometimes it is up to you to make the decision and sometimes you cannot have an influence on some happenings. Personally, I think it is the most important thing to enjoy the given time at its fullest."

Monoma has become a significant source of inspiration for Maya. The castle itself, with its historical and architectural significance, has influenced her art. Additionally, the artists' community within Monoma has been a wellspring of creativity.

"We have so much space to be creative. My interior style changed completely. I love the result. It is special – this creative style would not fit in a normal flat."

Living with Monoma is more than just having a place to sleep; it's about the community.


Maya offers valuable advice for those considering living in a place like Monoma. She acknowledges that the building can make noises, especially at night, but that's part of the charm of living in an old, vacant house. More importantly, she emphasizes the significance of actively participating in the community.

"It is way more than just sleeping and going to work. You must find your part in the group and become part of the building. Living together may come with its challenges, but for those who dare it can be an incredibly rewarding experience."

Maya's story as a Monoma resident shows the power of unique living arrangements to inspire creativity and foster a community. Curious about our solutions for a vacant property? Get in touch with us!