Het Plot - Amersfoort


Het Plot

Together with the municipality of Amersfoort, we converted the vacant office building "Het Plot" into 129 affordable, furnished housing units for emergency seekers from the region. A combination of status holders, temporary migrant workers, starters, refugees and economically homeless people live together in het Plot. A special project where residents from different backgrounds come together to form one community.

Like the story of our resident Steven (71): due to bad luck, he ended up on the street and living in his car. Thanks to het Plot project, Steven now has his own room, forms a community with his fellow residents with whom he cooks and watches films together, and has started working at Monoma as caretaker of het Plot complex.

Collaboration & community building

By working together with the Amersfoort municipality, Monoma realised a unique living situation with a mix of residents within a short period of time. To make a difference in realising a pleasant living environment, Monoma - besides our caretaker Steven - also deployed a community builder. This form of social management promotes a pleasant living environment and community for the residents. For instance, various activities are organised, such as a summer BBQ and a Suger feast, but there are also consultation hours to help residents with questions they have or problems they encounter in society.

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