‘’The Monoma Lifestyle’’



‘’We as Monoma, we offer (con)temporary living solutions that use space creatively. This way, we give people the home and freedom to live a vibrant city life, to live anywhere. What's it like to have the Monoma lifestyle? We asked Claire, working as as Credit Manager. Claire is currently live in Eindhoven, but her Monoma adventure started about 8 years ago already.’’

"The Monoma Lifestyle teaches you to deal creatively with spaces."

‘’The first time connecting with Monoma was actually a pure coincidence. After my studies I lived around the city for a long time, but at some point I wanted to return to Brabant. I went shopping with my mother in Waalwijk when I saw that the old school of my sister with posters of Camelot (now Monoma) were hanging around the building, I called them and I could have a visit the next day already. Two days later I could move to a former natural art school. I have lived here for about 4 years and I enjoyed it a lot!’’

When they started to renovate the building and the Monoma’s had to move, I was immediately able to move into a location on the edge of the center of Tilburg. It was a very nice space and logistics seen very practical for my work. At this place I lived for more than two years until last November. Unfortunately, there was no space available in the immediate vicinity at that time, but I was lucky and at the last possible instant something was available in Eindhoven in a nice residential area. I spent two and a half months there with great pleasure.’’

‘’How do you find it to be a Monoma?’’

‘’due to the crisis in Ukraine, the area had to be emptied for precautionary reasons. Understandable ofcourse but it was really tensiv, and moving two times within three months is not ideal (my brother and sister who helped me move didn't really like it either) but is expectable living on a temporary lease.’’

‘’luckily there was something available in Eindhoven, I’ve been living here for a few months and have fallen in love with the place. We live here with four people and enjoy it. Shops and restaurants within walking distance and the evenings are still nice and calm.’’

‘’What do you like most about your living space? ‘’

‘’it is a special house; it is two separate houses that have been merged into one over time. It was used for special-care accomodations and therefore we have the luxury in this property that we all have our own kitchen. My room even has its own toilet, sink and a lovely balcony overlooking an oasis of greenery.’’

‘Last week I assembled a garden-set and sown some plant pots, hopefully I can stay long enough this time to see them flourish! The Monoma-lifestyle is certainly not for everyone. You need to be flexible and be prepared to think with practical experience from time to time. It teaches you to be creative with spaces.’’

‘’the uncertainty about how long you can live somewhere is difficult, if your personal situation doesn't allow that then I wouldn't recommend it. In my case, it also means that I do not have to think for a moment about where I would like to establish myself permanently. I have become very attached to this way of living. They are often wonderful properties with a challenge here and there, but there is always something to do!"

Does the Monoma Lifestyle suit you as well? We've got a wide range of properties lined up right for your adventure. Abandoned offices spaces, police stations, and even a church. With over 25 years of experience, a little imagination, and your creativity we can make it possible to live anywhere!