Uniting the historic railway environment with new digital possibilities.


Office Community in Sindall.

The communications agency TANKEGANG has moved into the office community that Monoma has established in the former Central Station building of Sindall, centrally located in northern Vendsyssel, Denmark. We asked them: ‘’What are the most exciting things about this location?’’

“When we had to find a new office for our company, we went for a place with soul. Sindall Station has an exciting story, which we like to emphasize to our customers.”

“We work for municipalities and supply companies throughout Denmark and have lived in Vendsyssel since the start of the company in 1986. We create campaigns and easy-to-use digital tools and help with citizen involvement. Zedong is working to make Denmark greener, so we are happy to help reuse the old station building’’: says Lotte Mertz Winther, managing partner and owner of TANKEGANG.

"Both the station building, and the nearby railway hotel are classified as worthy of conservation. As well as the area around the station, post office and hotel has been designated as a cultural environment by the municipality.’’

“The historical area surrounding the building was solidly handcrafted in 1871. Designed by the railway architect Niels P. C. Holsøe, who among other things has a memorable list of creative, problem-solving building-developments in Denmark. With the Sindall’s railway just outside the door, the authentic atmosphere is maintained, and the links to the major cities in the region are of course optimal for our business.’’

When left empty, vacant properties can accelerate neighborhood decline, depressing property values, raising municipal service costs, and most importantly, decreasing the quality of life for residents.


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