A former school transformed into a place of art



How about living and working in a former school from the 70's? Yasin has been a resident in Münster for more than 4 years. We asked Yasin: ‘’What are the main things that are the most fun about living here?’’

" I can work freely and implement my ideas almost without restrictions, which brings a smile to my face every day."

‘’The space that is available to me here brings me the most fun and freedom. The size of the property allows me to be loud, so nothing gets in the way of practicing drums or guitar or woodworking.’’

‘’Another thing I really like is all the communities that come together through these projects. I have been able to experience many beautiful moments here and have made friends for life.’’

Yasin is a painter, a visual artist, a drummer and much more. You can find out more about his work here. Our property makes it easy for people like Yasin to create, work and live with the amount of space it requires!


Do you also have a vacant property with no one suited to look after? No problem. With our extensive network of well screened residents, we can help you find the best fit for your property.