We create opportunities for your vacant property

Property and vacancy management 2.0

We offer complete property and vacancy management 2.0. Why 2.0?  We have an eye for people & society and look after the interests of both the property owner and the environment of a vacant property with appropriate use and good management. Our services offer solid returns through recruiting suitable residents, maintaining the property’s value and highly effective resident management.  We look for creative solutions to reduce the risks of vacant property and to provide a return for you as the property owner. 

Custom solutions for diverse vacant properties

Monoma offers customised solutions to property owners at home and abroad. As a partner of municipalities, investors and cooperations, we realise a creative solution for every vacant building. Every village, every city has temporary vacancy on the one hand and struggles with housing issues on the other. With our knowledge, experience and investment power, we provide temporary accommodation in empty schools and hospitals, transform offices into affordable student rooms, or turn empty factories into workshops. Our services include full management, from project and operational management, to commercial, technical and social management. From 3 months to 10 years, from just key management to complete care. We unburden the owner and client from concept to spotless delivery. Together, we realise thousands of affordable living and working spaces every year for a wide range of groups; from students to starters, from international workers to refugees. Always with the same goal: from unused building to vibrant community. 

Whilst waiting for a permanent solution, we put vacant properties under management with Monoma to protect them from derelict and value loss. Temporary use provides a lot of advantages for all involved.

Keith Brennan, Director Grant Thornton

Why Monoma?

We believe vacant real estate offers opportunities. With the right combination of management and use, vacant property can attract a dynamic and creative community.

Vacant properties in a street or neighbourhood pose risks such as squatting, vandalism, fire or degeneration. Local residents experience inconvenience as a result, which affects the safety and livability of the area.

Monoma attaches great importance to social management, so we pay attention to the social aspect in the neighbourhood and want to involve local residents in filling vacant properties, facilitating social activities and liveability events.