A Mosaic of Brands

We are part of Mosaic World, where we're not just part of organizations – we're the architects of vibrant communities. As community catalysts, we're on a mission to fast-track the creation of meaningful connections. Our role is to seamlessly link diverse individuals with a wide range of affordable living and working spaces – from cozy rooms to fully furnished apartments, from shared office spaces to unique artist workshops. But we don't stop there. We provide essential services that safeguard and nurture these communities, ensuring they blossom into safe, social havens as they evolve and expand. Join us as we redefine community living, connecting people with places and creating a mosaic of vibrant, thriving neighborhoods.

Mosaic World brands

Our purpose at Mosaic World is to reshape urban living together. We are your one-stop shop for affordable housing in diverse and vibrant cities:

  • As owner, investor, manager, and developer of progressive micro living solutions across Europe, B-Right Urban Living brings a unique range of relevant skills and experience to any housing project.

  • With Plaza Resident Services, we offer students, new residents and city starters, a variety of smart urban living places to make into their own homes.

  • Our property security division, Watchtower Security Solutions, is also based on the belief that a community is the best security system there is. We keep vacant property secure with an approach based on community awareness as well as trusted vigilance.