Temporary security

If temporary use of your property is not an option at the moment, because renovation work needs to be finished, the state of the building does not allow it to be used, etc., our temporary security solutions are here to help you out. With an innovative camera system we guarantee your property is protected against break-ins, vandalism, burglary or even squatting.  

With the Alarmkit, you secure your property quickly, cost-effectively and wirelessly. Ideal for emergencies or temporary projects. 

Our Alarm Kit 

Our security solution is a wireless system consisting of a control panel and a number of passive infrared detectors. These PIRs are hung at strategic locations on the site. 

Does the system detect motion? Then a siren goes off. A notification also goes to the certified private alarm center. By making use of our nationwide network of security partners, we can always guarantee fast follow-up on alarms. The burglar is apprehended, and you have nothing to worry about. 

The system can be turned on and off via the panel with a code, or remotely via the free app. 

Technical specifications
Detection rangemax. 12 meters
Detection typeMotion detection with camera verification
Internet connectionCentral unit via 4G
Power supply230V (central unit only)
Alarm monitoring24/7

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