Discover Monoma

Discover Monoma

Unlocking the potential of vacant real estate while mitigating risks – that's our commitment to property owners facing the challenge of vacancy. The impact of vacant properties goes beyond mere devaluation; it extends to the surrounding environment. Recognizing these risks, we present a tailor-made solution to minimize uncertainties and maximize returns. Our approach involves a comprehensive risk analysis, addressing crucial factors such as vandalism, theft, fire hazards, technical malfunctions, and social sustainability. 

To ensure the preservation of property value, we take over the management and maintenance responsibilities from owners, offering innovative solutions like temporary occupancy and optimized property utilization. Let us transform challenges into opportunities, safeguarding your investment while enhancing the overall vitality of the community. 

We offer temporary solutions that use space creatively. This way, we give people the freedom to live or to work anywhere!

Revitalize your vacant property with Monoma – your partner in unlocking its untapped potential! We collaborate closely with property owners, municipalities, and real estate developers, crafting innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our mission is to breathe life into unused spaces, creating affordable living and working environments that not only preserve property value but also shield against vandalism and squatting. 

We handle the entire process seamlessly, from project planning to the careful selection of temporary residents. Together, we'll discover the perfect solution, identify the right individuals, and define the ideal purpose for your property. We do not stop at providing temporary residents; we deliver temporary use that embraces the philosophy that a lively community is the ultimate security system. 

Part of Mosaic World 

We are part of Mosaic World, an ecosystem of brands that collaborate across the entire real estate life cycle. From developing urban micro-living solutions across European cities to (temporary) property management of diverse real estate types. From fostering vibrant resident communities to implementing cutting-edge security solutions – we are your partner at every stage of the real estate journey. 

Our brands are at the forefront of building the future urban lifestyle, cultivating healthy communities in areas that need it most. These are communities designed to endure, evolving gracefully even as residents come and go. Join us on our mission to reshape urban living together.