"With the right approach, vacant properties can offer so much!"


Old school in Gladbeck

Ines is a resident in an old school in Gladbeck, Germany. She moved in, quite spontaneously, in October 2018 and has been living there for over 3 years. We asked her: ‘’What are the most exciting things about living here?’’

“’The best thing is that I have so much space to be creative.”

“This is such a great place to be creative. My favorite place at home is most definitely the gallery in the stairwell. I have an old sofa there and the view outside of the paddocks and trees is just great.‘’

"I really like this community building. Every now and then someone from the house community offers to cook for everyone, which often ends up in wild game nights.’’

‘’It's also great that when I leave the house, there's a nice roundabout for a short walk in one direction and a station with good train connections in the other.‘’

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Do you also have a vacant property with no one suited to look after? No problem. With our extensive network of well screened residents, we can help you find the best fit for your property.