“I fell in love with the place immediately and signed a contract for a workspace”


Workspace in Auroratalo

"I had been dreaming of my own workspace for a couple of years. I agreed to a presentation of the building, fell in love with the place immediately and signed a contract for the workspace. I now have a workspace for my work at Auroratalo near a beautiful park and manor environment, which is offered by Monoma.’’

“I love the idea of real estate development, which takes advantage of old vacant buildings and recycles them for re-use, as there is now an opportunity for both artists and small entrepreneurs.”

"I have been working in mental health work and with various disabilities for six years. Also I am studying to be a sociologist and a solution-focused, short-term therapist and job counselor. I am currently doing client work related to my studies. In the past, I have studied commercial and held various assistant and sales positions. Throughout my work history, I have worked with people in various customer service positions. I am planning my own therapy service for starting a business. I live in Espoo and am the mother of three adult children."

‘’Auroratalo is more than just a workspace. It has now formed a nice community with small entrepreneurs and artists in various fields. We have a good team spirit and the will to promote Auroratalo. A community where the common good can participate and develop. There is also the opportunity to make something unique of your own workspace. I appreciate Monoma's flexible services and their property development work. This is a great place to work’’

Urban Living While it can seem from the outside that new urban communities simply arise on their own, they require the right people at the core. People who are themselves creative and flexible, but also engaged and responsible. People whom others can both trust and identify with. Because as any true modern nomad will tell you, a living community creates not only a desirable workplace but is the best security system ever made.


Do you also have a vacant property with no one suited to look after? No problem. With our extensive network of well screened residents, we can help you find the best fit for your property.