• 22 Aug 2022

Monoma guides Finnish minister in Aurora project Espoo

The Finnish Minister of the Interior, Maria Ohisalo, paid a visit to the City of Espoo Aurora Project. Located in the historical park of the Träskända manor, Monoma offers temporary cultural, recreational, work- and housing spaces on the premises since February 2022.


About the Aurora Project A former nursing home premises was taken under management by Monoma Suomi to create an urban living community by creating a cultural Centre for the Espoo residents and visitors. The current residents participate in a range of cultural and artistic leisure activities adding value to the surrounding community and regenerating purpose for this previous nursing home premises.

About Maria Ohisalo Maria Ohisalo, is a member of the parliament, who also served as the Minister of Interior and was responsible for matters related to internal security such as counter-terrorism, policing, fire & rescue services, and border control, as well as migration issues. One of her missions is to bring about change surrounding the environmental CLIMATE AND POVERTY in Finland.

‘It is up to politicians to make sure that the coming change is just and fair: making sustainable choices needs to be easy for people, and not beyond the means of those who are the least well-off’

Maria Ohisalo, Former Minister of Interior

The minister was triggered by the results of the transformation and repurposing of the property. Formerly viewed as a former nursing home premises and their ancillary functions, a great change to benefit the community has been achieved and recognized.

The team at Monoma Suomi were recognized for preserving the heritage of this historic site and adapting the premises to suit its newfound purpose. This A listed building was Completed in 1953 and was designed by architect Erich von Ungern-Stenberg.

After meeting with the various residents, the Minister emphasized and applauded in her speech the initiative taken by the City of Espoo and the partnership with experienced companies like Monoma to accomplish these kinds of projects. Many residents and community members were deeply appreciated for partnering with the vision to create reshaping urban living communities and creating a new kind of project concept. Projects that are beneficial for the community, the residents, the owner and the City of Espoo.

We are proud to be part of this inspiring project and still see many opportunities across Finland to realize similar projects.

Janne Näreranta, Commercial Manager at Monoma

The statistics quote that within Helsinki there are over 28,000 homes residential homes without a permanent resident, although there are roughly 2392 homeless people in Helsinki. With initiative conducted by Monoma, we ensure to repurpose empty residential and commercial buildings with affordable co-living experience in order to bring together affordability, sustainability and humanity.

Encouraged to continue making a change in Finland, Monoma Suomi are due to opening their brand new Head Quarters at the Arabia Katu in the next few weeks as well as opening many different opportunities for artists to work together in a co-working environment.

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