We create opportunities with your property


Vacancy is one of the main reasons why the quality of life in a neighborhood declines, as does the value of the properties. And while vacancy is not a popular topic, it is all the more important to address this issue properly.

Our services offer solid returns through recruiting suitable occupants, maintaining the property value and highly effective tennant management. To keep the housing process flexible yet sustainable, we provide multiple solutions through creative use of space.

A partnership

Our partnership begins with your temporary vacant property and our knowledge about creative solutions for reusing space. What is the best fit for your premises? What brings you the best return on your investment? What does the social environment need? What fits the neighborhood? We do research based on this and take care of all the work. This leaves you time to focus on core tasks.

Our Monoma Lifestyle concept and plan consists of different type of housing and workspace solutions on a short, long and temporary basis. No changes to your building or its purpose are required. The only major element we install in your property is a portable shower and/or kitchen, if needed. We work on a profit share model with out partners to bring complete transparency as we aim for a long standing relationship.

Property management

Our speciality is to provide concepts that bring more than just property management. With the right investments done, we have proven to be able to create viable contemporary use.

Our experienced project consultants take care of the legal frameworks needed to transform properties for periods up to ten years. The housing needs of local communities will guide us to transform these available properties into much needed housing solutions. Offices can become furnished studios for students or seasonal laborforce. Carehomes and hospitals can provide housing for immigrants or starters.

We provide not only a healthy ROI for the owner, but also a social and sustainable return for the community. We do this by re-using a property to create a vibrant neighbourhood that provides workspaces, cultural use, furnished rooms or storage spaces for the local community.

  • Ability to co-invest with owner
  • Create affordable (social) houding solutions
  • Temporary transformations up to 10 years
  • Strengthening local communities
  • Experienced project consultants

Vacancy management

Monoma's vacancy management includes several services. Our initial set-up consists of cleaning and repair, a health and safety check and of course a fire risk assessment. After this set-up, regular inspections follow and we are happy to take on the handling of the house keys with the residents. Overall: we maintain your property value at all times.

Finding the right people

Our third management service is focused on finding the right people, in line with the local authority's wishes. We believe it's important to connect the right people groups with the available living or working spaces, to create a thriving community that keeps your property and the neighbourhod alive. We excel at recruiting these right temporary residents or users, and managing the relevant contracts.