Hey artist, register your interest now!

We would like to exclusively invite you to participate and attend the grand opening of our new HQ at Arabiankatu 2A.

We're hosting a FREE art exhibition where you can sell your artwork. Think of prominent guest speakers, lots of interview and photo moments, and networking opportunities. And of course an after party with drinks and more...

Exited? Scroll down to submit your artwork and attendance. Be quick! limited places.

How it works:

  1. Set a minimum price for your work.
  2. On the day of the auction at 5 pm, the highest bid made will redeem your work.
  3. The event has a photo and videographer who can, conduct a short interview with you and the buyer of your work as a keepsake or to share if you so wish. Participation in the auction is free, but only artists registered by 15th October can participate.


  • Purchase of artwork is not guaranteed.
  • Auction is free
  • Only the artist who are registered attendees are allowed to join the auction.
  • Please register by 15th October, artwork is due on the 17th October.
  • A small Stripe fee will be deducted from the price of the purchase
  • Payment will be given from Monoma Suomi and can take up to 30 days

Event details:

  • Location: Arabiankatu 2A
  • Date: 04 November 2022
  • Deadline: 17th October to submit the artwork picture and video.
  • FREE art exhibition to sell your artwork
  • Prominent guest speakers
  • Live event performance (to be confirmed)
  • Interviews and photo moments
  • Networking opportunities
  • After party drinks with a unique Monoma blended beer and so much more.

Submit your artwork

Please specify in the 'what we can help you with' for the following:

  • We would love the opportunity to interview you at the event.
  • Interest in joining the the Art Exhibition
  • Attendance to the Open event
  • Interested in all of the above.

The fine print

We must receive the images of the artwork on the deadline to be uploaded on the online aunction.

Send us a video of a short description on what this artwork means to them.