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Temporary storage space

There is a high demand for temporary storage. The trend towards small-scale living - micro-living, an entire household in a small space - continues and it is precisely these people who are often looking for affordable storage for their belongings.

If a space in an empty property is not suitable for habitation or a workplace, it can be used as temporary storage for individuals or companies. Buildings often have unused storage spaces such as attics, basements, garage boxes, car parks, bicycle basements, basement drains, etc. that can be used more intelligently and effectively.

Temporärer Parkplatz

In many cities, there is a lack of parking spaces. And when they are available, the price is often very high. This makes unused parking spaces near your property an opportunity. We can temporarily exploit these unused parking spaces for you. It will reduce parking pressure in the neighbourhood and generate additional income for you, so a win-win situation.

Temporary security

Not every location is by definition suitable for temporary use. Some locations require additional security measures. We are happy to realise this for you.

Every location requires a customised solution. Simple motion detectors on the inside of the building can be combined with smart cameras and surveillance from the outside. Ideal and a solution for every location!

We are strong in temporarily securing your property or parts thereof. Within 24 hours we will install the system on site, connect a certified security company for any alarm follow-ups and include the property in our emergency service.