Vacancy management


Traditionally, vacancy management has been about reducing risks such as vandalism, squalor, theft or arson. But times have changed, and so does the concept of vacancy management. That is why we look for creative solutions to reduce the risks of vacant property and to provide a return for you as the property owner.

Custom solutions

No property is the same and there are always location-specific circumstances. For this reason, we believe in customised solutions that fit your property and your challenges.

Our goal is the minimize vacancy risks. Therefore we think along with you in optimising your social and economic return. Temporary occupation on the basis of a loan, creating a social hub for entrepreneurs, or temporary operation by means of renting on the basis of the vacancy law are just a few examples of the possibilities in vacancy management.

Social management

Where people live together, interactions arise. Sometimes nice, sometimes annoying, but above all recognisable to everyone.

The housing shortage is high, while there is also a lot of vacant real estate. Thinking in terms of temporariness, beyond just supervising, creates opportunities. By working together with different organisations and governments, we can realise unique living situations in different places with a mix of residents.

We realise that supervision is only one part of optimally carrying out temporary management and exploitation. In order to make a difference in the realisation of a pleasant living environment, we regularly deploy Community Builders in addition to our caretakers.

The difference between a Caretaker and a Community Builder lies in the responsibilities and the way of working towards the residents. Where a caretaker looks after the house, the Community Builders look after the residents and stimulate a pleasant living environment and community.

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