Entrepreneurship in a historic building


CAB - Utrecht

Where do you find a film café, a 3D print shop, a sports event agency, a video producer and a beer brewery in one building? Since early 2018, the CAB building is home to all of them! For years, this monumental building has been the impressive centrepiece of the Cartesius Triangle in Utrecht. Due to development plans in the area, the building became vacant for an (indefinite) number of years. Together with the owner of the building, NS Vastgoed, we came up with a way to take good care of the building and at the same time build up a lively community.

Quick facts
Location Utrecht (NL)
Owner NS Vastgoed
Since Januari 2018
Surface 13.000 m2
Number of work spaces 15
Shared facilties Reception and sanitary facilities

There was, however, one important condition to the whole project: the solution had to make social impact. NS Vastgoed finds it important that the use of the CAB building contributes to healthy and sustainable urbanisation. That is why we selected entrepreneurs who fully meet that profile.

The CAB building is now a striking example of our vision of smart management and creative use of space. The historic building consists of no less than 13,000 square metres. By temporarily dividing it into independent units of varying sizes, 15 socially and culturally involved entrepreneurs from Utrecht have found a place to build up their businesses. In a few years' time - when the redevelopment of the Cartesius Triangle starts - the CAB building will be renovated. The 15 entrepreneurs will then leave the building in excellent condition and look for another (flexible) workplace.

The Cartesius Triangle

In between the Utrecht Zuilen Station and Utrecht Central Station you will find the Cartesius Triangle. An interesting part of Utrecht that has been a household name in the region since the Middle Ages. Since the end of the 1940s, the Dutch Railways has worked here on trams, trains and buses. Centrally located, close to arterial roads and full of greenery, the area is bursting with potential. That potential has been seen! A redevelopment plan is being drawn up to transform the Cartesius Triangle into the ideal city district. The buildings of NS Vastgoed, among others, are part of the plan. Until then, we will ensure that the community reamins lively by carefully managing the buildings in the area.


An art-house cinema, jazz café and club in one and a location open to the public. Young people without diploma, qualifications, jobs or benefits are employed. In addition, a beer garden has been realised on the outside grounds.



A social enterprise, employing people with a distance to the labour market, that develops web applications and carries out system management tasks for small and medium-sized enterprises and (semi)public authorities.


Oproer Brewery

Oproer Brewery is a creative, socially involved, award-winning brewery from Utrecht. In the industrial setting of the old bus depot of the CAB building, a restaurant, pub and brewery with a large terrace was created using only recycled materials.