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  • 04 Mar 2022

129 temporary houses in Amersfoort

Monoma Netherlands has entered into an agreement with the municipality of Amersfoort to realise 129 temporary houses in the former office building 'The Plot' in Amersfoort. Monoma will rent out and manage these houses for a period of 5 years.

Monoma ermöglicht Transformation vom Büro zum Wohnen

The municipality of Amersfoort has a great need for housing for people in dire straits, such as status holders, people who are urgently seeking accommodation, as well as the economically homeless. By realising houses in the former office building 'The Plot', the municipality offers this target group a solution for the coming years. The office building will be converted into 129 small, affordable houses with communal facilities and a common room on the ground floor.

Living together

Monoma will rent out and manage the flats for a period of 5 years. We ensure that the residents can live together as pleasantly as possible. We do this by providing a common room, a permanent caretaker and by organising activities. But also by asking residents to help each other. To this end, we work together with, among others, Integratiewerk and the Municipality of Amersfoort.

Creative use of space

The municipality of Amersfoort has granted the necessary permits. Renovation of the office building will start in March. The first occupant will receive the key approximately three months after the start of the renovation. Jolijn van den Hengel, CCO of Monoma, explains: "In anticipation of the final developments around Het Hoefkwartier, Monoma, together with the Municipality of Amersfoort, can provide successful flexible living spaces where different people can live and live together."

Future plans

'The Plot' is located in a district with offices and educational institutions. But in the coming years, it will change into a district with an urban character. A district where living, working, learning and relaxing come together. By converting offices into flats and building new flats, it will change from a district where people mainly work to one where they also live. Together with B-Right Urban Living, plans are being made for the future of 'The Plot' and the surrounding neighbourhood. The building is expected to be demolished and new houses and workspaces will be built.

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