‘’ESE Language school expands in a Monoma office community’’


Office community in Randers

The ESE language school has just moved into the office community, established by Monoma in the former railway station building in the city of Randers, Denmark. We asked them, ‘How do you like your new location?’

"The central location was perfect for opening our new branch. Located just next to the train station, easily accessible, and a lot of free publicity from people passing by.”

“Our mission initially was to make things easier for newcomers in Denmark to attend language training enabling them to communicate, form relationships and ultimately be more confident in their everyday lives. Over time, we have expanded to also offering training in other languages, including Spanish and Portuguese, with European as well as Latin American nuances. This way we can also help people going abroad.” explains Bianca Siqueira, the founder and owner of ESE, who herself has migrated to Denmark from South America, and therefore knows about the challenge of gaining foothold in a new country with a foreign language.’’

‘’The old building, which is part of the railway environment, has come back to life and is now buzzing with activities and people with different interests and professions.’’

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