How it works


If you take a space as temporary resident into use, you are basically a borrower of that space. This means that a typical rental agreement does not apply, but that you will borrow this living or working space for a small amount of money.

The flexibility of a temporary licence

Since a temporary licence is not a rental, different conditions apply. Conditions that give you a lot of freedom, flexibility and lower monthly costs.

  • There is a mutal notice period of 28 days. Since you are borrowing the living or working space as a temporary user, we do not know in advance how long you can live or work somewhere.
  • You have no rental rights with this contract form. To make up for this we offer you a living or working space for relatively low monthly costs.
  • For a living space based on a loan agreement you must have a suitable demonstrable income, which is usually much lower than many rental agreements.