Vacant property Tax


With the introduction of the new Vacant Property tax by the government, Monoma Ireland have taken a step to help the many landlords and property owners in becoming exempt.

What is the issue? If a residential properties are occupied less than 30 days in a 12 month period, the landlord becomes chargeable for three times the local property tax applied to the home.

How do we help?

Our purpose is to regenerate vacant property that are fit for dwelling and creating a thriving community by reducing the vacant properties across Ireland. With different solutions we have helped Property Owners and Landlords to occupy and secure properties through accommodation of our travelling residents.

We provide the following services to our clients: We provide the following services to our clients:

Why Landlords chose us?

  • Insurance will be amended for Vacant to Occupied
  • Become exempt from Vacant Property Tax
  • Add investment to better the property for use
  • Less headache, pressure or worry as our management team will take care of your property.
  • Inspections regularly done
  • Reporting done on a regular basis

What benefit is there for a property to be occupied?

What benefit is there for a property to be occupied?

  • Building is seen as living and breathing
  • Deters Squatters and the legal cost associated
  • Avoid metal theft
  • 24/7 security through our Residents living in the property
  • Maintenance of the property from degeneration
  • Retaining the property asset value

Who are our Residents?

We aim to have flexible, work from home individuals who are able to move around Ireland to occupy a necessary home from being derelict and vacant. By occupying this space, we are striving to create a creative community for the benefit of the property owner.

Our residents are carefully selected, screened and picked for this purpose.