Fair Deal Scheme


With the changes to the Fair Deal Scheme rental assessment from 80% to 40%, more and more residents and their families are looking to rent out their vacant property.

How do we help?

We will manage the property for you or your family member in your absence, helping to generate the revenue to cover the cost and more.

We provide a full end to end management and security of the property in a flexible term, whether long term or temporary.

Why residents chose us?

  • Generate the right revenue with a professional team
  • Peace of mind
  • Property asset will be taken care of
  • Inspections regularly done
  • Reporting done on a regular basis

What benefit is there for a property to be occupied?

What benefit is there for a property to be occupied?

  • Building is seen as living and breathing
  • Deters Squatters and the legal cost associated
  • Avoid metal theft
  • 24/7 security through our Residents living in the property
  • Maintenance of the property from degeneration
  • Retaining the property asset value