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  • 13 Apr 2022

The municipality of Tilburg and Monoma Netherlands work together to accommodate Ukrainian refugees

Monoma Nederland facilitates accommodation of Ukrainian refugees at the reception location in the former Municipal Health Service building on the Ringbaan-West.


Monoma has been working together with the municipality of Tilburg for quite some time, and the former Municipal Health Service (GGD) building had therefore already been under Monoma's management for some time. However, due to the pandemic, the building was recently used used as a COVID test location. Once the COVID test location was no longer needed, the building was again prepared for temporary housing. But just before the new residents could move in, the Tilburg municipality announced that the building would be used as a reception centre for Ukrainian refugees. On behalf of the municipality, BAM FM renovated the building and Monoma will manage the location. This is not only limited to the management of the various living quarters in the former GGD building on the Ringbaan-West, but will also include housekeeping, security, cleaning and catering.

"Since we already work together with the municipality of Tilburg in the field of managing temporarily unoccupied property, the link was easily made. We have the knowledge and experience to quickly adapt and turn a building, such as the former GGD building, into a suitable reception location," says Patrick Dillen, director of Property Management Netherlands.

The building can ultimately accommodate around 160 refugees, with each family having its own accommodation. The kitchens, showers and toilets are shared. Meanwhile, the first refugees have already moved into the building, where they can stay there as long as the situation in Ukraine requires.

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