With a little help from our residents...



What do you do when you inherit an old house in a beautiful location near Berlin? Exactly, together with Monoma you make a plan to renovate the house and put new residents in it.

"In the current time of scarcity on the housing market, we are continuously looking for opportunities and possibilities to create new homes or to refurbish vacant real estate. ”

The federal state of Berlin inherited a semi-detached house on Haduweg. A house in a beautiful location in the former rural areas of Berlin. The property was in very poor condition. After doing some electrical repairs, the property was further refurbished by Monoma. Further renovation work was done by the new residents themselves, in exchange for 3 weeks of free accommodation. With a wonderful result. A beautiful cooperation, to which the neighbourhood has also responded well. They are happy that the house has been refurbished and that the new residents are taking good care of it.

Urban Living by Monoma Vacant properties offer an opportunity. In cities everywhere, vacant properties have become the engines of urban rebirth. With the right combination of low prices and unconventional spaces, vacant property can attract a dynamic and creative community, eager to be part of the city.


Do you also have a vacant property with no one suited to look after? No problem. With our extensive network of well screened residents, we can help you find the best fit for your property.