Creative solution for 110 acres of Irish historic land


Derrymore Estate

How about living in a late 18th-century thatched house in gentrified vernacular style? When the resident family were due to vacate Derrymore House, the property was at risk of becoming vacant within its vast estate. With its thatched roof and single-glazed windows, the building, if left vacant, would be at risk. Also known for its historical ‘Treaty Room’, it was a high priority for The National Trust that this historic property was protected against the risk of break-ins, vandalism and fire while being carefully managed to maintain its condition and integrity.

Our solution

We carefully selected and placed 6 live-in temporary residents in the two wings of the house to build a small community to protect and maintain the property on an ongoing basis. While the National Trust retained the use of the central area of the property, the residents take care of regular patrols of the grounds, checking the correct operation of dehumidifiers and heating controls to maintain the condition of the 18th-century building.


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